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Trophies are a great way to reward users for activities or actions in your community. To use the trophy system you need to enable the Trophy option in the options.


Categories structure the trophies so that users can more easily find trophies that belong together. Trophies must be sorted into categories. You must therefore create a category before you can create a trophy. The categories can be sorted quickly and easily by drag and drop in the category overview.


Trophy Type#

Trophies can be displayed in two ways: As badge and as image.


If you select the Badge trophy type, you can customize the trophy in the Badge section. If you edit the badge, you can select an icon from hundreds of icons to use. In addition, you can easily change both the icon and background color of the badge using a simple color picker.


If you select the image trophy type, you can upload an image in the image section, which will be displayed as a trophy. The uploaded image must be square and have a minimum size of 64×64 pixels.

Award Trophies Automatically#

Trophies can be awarded in two ways: Automatically based on set criteria and manually by the administrator. When you create a trophy, you can choose whether you want it to be awarded automatically or manually. If you choose to award the trophy automatically, a new section will appear on the page where you can set the conditions for awarding the trophy.

The set conditions must be all fulfilled for the trophy to be awarded to the user, so you should keep the conditions as simple as possible and only fill in conditions that should also be relevant for the award. For example, if the user should get a trophy when he uploaded an avatar, it doesn't make sense to select in which user groups the user should be.

By default, trophies that are awarded automatically will not be withdrawn if the conditions are no longer met. If you want the trophy to be withdrawn when the conditions are no longer met, select the option Revoke trophy automatically if the conditions are not longer fulfilled.


Trophies, which are awarded automatically, are awarded by a cronjob. This means that it may take some time before the trophies are awarded.

Award Trophies Manually#

Under Assigned Trophies you can see all manually awarded trophies. In the overview of the awarded trophies, it is possible to filter by the trophies or users.

When you award a new trophy, you can activate a custom trophy description. This will be used instead of the trophy description and replaces it completely in the trophy overview in the frontend. You can use the placeholder {$username} to put the username of the user who gets the trophy into the description.


Trophies that are awarded automatically cannot be awarded or deleted manually.

Trophies in User Profile#


To view trophies, the user needs the group permission Can view trophies.


Users have the possibility to decide for themselves who can see the trophies they receive. For this purpose, each user has a checkbox under Settings → Privacy → Can View Trophies, with which they can determine the visibility of their own trophies.

Special Trophies#

In order to present trophies in the best possible way, a selection of trophies can be presented in an eye-catching way in the user profile and in the message sidebar. The group permission Maximum number of special trophies controls the maximum number of trophies that can be presented. As long as this number is not reached, newly awarded trophies are automatically marked as special. The user can change this selection at any time under Settings → General → Special Trophies.