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WoltLab Suite Manual#

Welcome to the manual for WoltLab Suite. In this manual you will learn how to install the software and how to use the different administrative functions.

Depending on your goals and your technical background, you may want to read only parts of the manual or start at different points. We recommend the following sections as some starting points:

  1. Installation of WoltLab Suite, System requirements contact points in case you need help.
  2. Introduction to the admin panel.
  3. Management of user groups and users.
  4. Creating forums and setting up permissions.
  5. Customization of colors and fonts.
  6. Updating older versions or migration from a third-party forum system.

Note about the WoltLab Cloud

We offer both a hosted, cloud-based operation of the WoltLab Suite and a downloadable, self-hosted license that you can run on your own server.

Some of the articles in this manual cover special features and requirements that may not apply when using our cloud service. In this case, we point this out by a corresponding note in the article.