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The integrated article management is ideal for publishing news or help articles or maintaining an editorially maintained blog, which can complement your community in terms of content.

Manage Articles#

The article management can be found in the admin panel under Contents → Articles → Articles. There you can manage the existing articles and create your new articles.

Create Articles#

To create an article go to Contents → Articles → Articles in the admin panel and click on the button Add Article.

You will first be asked whether the article should be monolingual or multilingual. Then the following input fields are available:

Field Name Description
Category Select a category for the article.
Author Enter the author's name for the article.
Date Enter the date of the article.
Status Select the status of the publication.
Enable comments Specify whether this article can be commented by users.
Article Image Select an image for the article.
Teaser Image Optionally select a smaller teaser image for the article, which will be used in the listing of the articles. If no teaser image is specified, the actual article image will be used instead.
Title Enter a title for the article.
Meta Title Optionally enter a different title for use in the title tag.
Meta Description Enter an optional content for the Meta Description.
Tags Set tags for the article.
Teaser Enter a teaser text for the article.
Content Enter the actual article content.