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File Uploads#

WoltLab Suite offers at different places the possibility to upload files, for example as attachments to forum posts or as pictures or videos in the gallery.

The limits for the size of the files can be configured via group permissions. However, there are also various settings in the server configuration that can prevent the upload of larger files or even paralyze the upload of files as a whole. This guide will discuss the most common sources of errors in the server configuration.


This article is intended for customers who run the software independently on their own server or web hosting.

PHP Configuration#

In the PHP configuration there are the following settings affecting the upload of files:

  • file_uploads: Must be set to On to allow uploading of files.
  • max_file_uploads: Defines the number of files that can be uploaded per script run. Must be set to at least 1.
  • upload_max_filesize: Defines the maximum file size of uploaded files.
  • post_max_size: Sets the maximum allowed size of POST data. This setting also includes file uploads and must always be larger than upload_max_filesize.
  • upload_tmp_dir: Defines the directory where uploaded files are cached before processing. This directory must exist and be configured to allow access by PHP.

Other Possible Sources of Error#

  • For the NGINX web server the maximum size of the request is configured via the configuration setting client_max_body_size. This setting also affects file uploads.
  • Web application firewalls (such as Cloudflare) also have limits on the maximum size of a request.
  • The available disk space (quota) is exhausted.
  • The directory in which the files are to be stored (e.g. attachments for file attachments) does not have the required access rights and is therefore not writable.