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BBCodes are used as a way to format posts in forums, blogs and more. They are similar to HTML in that BBCodes also use tags to format something specific. WoltLab Suite already provides BBCodes for the most important formatting (e.g. font size and color) as standard.

Manage BBCodes#

The BBCode management can be found in the admin panel under Contents → BBCodes → BBCodes. There you can manage the existing BBCodes and create your own BBCodes if required.

Create BBCodes#

To create a BBCode go to Contents → BBCodes → BBCodes in the admin panel and click on the button Add BBCode.

The following input fields are available when creating a BBCode:

Feld Name Description
BBCode Enter the name of the BBCode.
Opening HTML tag Enter the opening HTML tag for this BBCode.
Closing HTML tag Enter the closing HTML tag for this BBCode
BBCode represents a block element Determines whether this BBCode should be a block element. Block elements take up the full width and can also contain paragraphs.
Content represents source code Determines whether the content of this BBCode should be treated as source code. This ensures that BBCodes and other formatting within the content is not converted.
PHP Class Name (For developers) Optionally specify a PHP class to be used for formatting this BBCode.
Display button in WYSIWYG editor Activates a button in the WYSIWYG editor for this BBCode, which allows users to use the BBCode very easily in texts.
Attribute Attributes are optional parameters for BBCodes, which can influence the type of formatting (for example, the color value for the font color BBCode).

Media Providers#

Using the BBCode [media], external content (such as YouTube videos) can be embedded in texts of e.g. forum posts. Via the management of media providers (under Contents → BBCodes → Media Provider) you can determine which providers you would like to allow.