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In the admin panel under Management → Maintenance you will find various functions that can be helpful for the maintenance of the software and smooth operation.

System Check#

The system check performs an analysis of the system and, if present, indicates possible problems with the operation of the software that should be corrected.


Cronjobs are tasks that are executed at a specified time and perform important tasks - for example, deleting data that is no longer needed (so-called cleanup). The cronjob management gives you an overview of these tasks and you can adjust them if necessary or have them executed immediately if necessary.


The cache is a short-term intermediate storage of data to improve the speed of certain pages and functions. Under Management → Maintenance → Cache you can get an overview of the data stored in the cache and also have the possibility to reset the cache by clicking the button Clear Cache.

Rebuild Data#

This function can be used to update various data such as the post counter or the search index. This may be necessary especially after a major update or data migration.


A regular update of all data is generally not necessary.


Under Sitemaps you will find the so-called XML sitemaps, which can be used to better capture the content of your community through search engines.