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Recovery Tool#

Every now and then it can happen that you lose access to your user account and can no longer manage your community, reasons include lost passwords or incorrectly configured user group memberships. The WoltLab Suite Recovery Tool will guide you through a quick process to restore access to your account.


This article is intended for customers who run the software independently on their own server or web hosting.


Please download the wsc-recovery.php file and save it to your computer, you do not need to open the file or execute it.

Upload and Access#

The wsc-recovery.php file must be uploaded to your WoltLab Suite installation via FTP or SCP to your webspace or server. You can place the file in the Core's directory or of any installed app, it can work from either location equally.

Once this step has been completed, open your web browser and navigate to the address where you have uploaded the file. For example, when you have uploaded it to your forums and its accessible via, then access the recovery tool through the link If the file cannot be found, please double-check the directory in which you have uploaded the recovery tool and adjust the url address accordingly.

Recovering a User Account#

Please follow the on-screen directions given by the recovery tool, especially the authentication process requires you to upload a secondary file that will be presented for download in the instructions. Once the authentication has been successful, you can proceed to identify the user account that you would like to edit, eventually changing the password and/or modifying the user group memberships. The changes are effective immediately.

The authentication is valid for one day only and will automatically expire.

Remove the Recovery Tool#

Although the recovery tool has been designed with a safety mechanism to prevent unauthorized access, it is considered to be a security risk to keep the wsc-recovery.php file on your web server. Please remove the uploaded file once your work has been done.

The previously uploaded authentication file wsc-recovery-auth.php should be removed too.