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Server Migration#

This guide explains the necessary steps for moving your community to another web host.


This article is intended for customers who run the software independently on their own server or web hosting.

Step 1: Enable Maintenance mode#

To be able to create a backup of your community for the move in peace and quiet, you should first activate the maintenance mode. To do this, log on to the admin panel and switch on the maintenance mode under Configuration → Options → General → Maintenance Mode.

Step 2: Create a Backup#

Create a complete backup of all data.

Step 3: Restore the Backup#

Restore the created backup at the destination.

Depending on the server configuration, it may be necessary to set the rights of the uploaded files so that they can be overwritten, for example, during a later update. This can be done on the command line using the chmod command.

Alternatively, you can also adjust rights via FTP program. To do this, right-click on the main folder and then go to Properties. Enter the right 777 for folders and 666 for files (on Windows servers please use full access). With most FTP programs you can set these rights for files and folders separately and have them inherited to subdirectories. Alternatively, contact your web host to have the rights corrected.

Step 4: Adjust Database Access Data#

If the access data for the database have changed due to the server move, you have to adjust the new access data manually in the configuration file. The file named can be found in the installation directory of the WoltLab Suite Core.

The content of the configuration file looks for example as follows:

$dbHost = 'localhost';
$dbPort = 0;
$dbUser = 'username';
$dbPassword = 'password';
$dbName = 'database name';
if (!defined('WCF_N')) define('WCF_N', 1);