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RSS Feeds#

With the help of this function you can add RSS feeds from any external sources, which are read in automatically to create new threads in the forum.

Manage RSS Feeds#

The management of RSS feeds can be found in the admin panel at Apps → Forums → RSS Feeds. There you can manage the existing RSS feeds as well as create new RSS feeds if required.

Create RSS Feeds#

To add an RSS feed go to the admin panel on Apps → Forums → RSS Feeds and click on the button Add RSS Feed.

The following input fields are available when creating an RSS feed:

Field Name Description
Title Enter a title.
Feed URL Enter the URL to the RSS feed.
Check Frequency Defines the interval at which the contents of the RSS feed should be queried.
Maximum New Entries Defines the maximum number of entries imported from the RSS feed.
Filter by Keywords Optionally, you can specify comma-separated keywords to search for in the entries of the RSS feed. If you specify keywords, only those entries are imported that contain at least one of the specified keywords.
Destination Forum Choose in which forum the threads should be created.
Username Specify the user name of the user to be displayed as the author for the created threads.
Thread Tags Optionally define tags that should be stored for the created threads.
Use categories of imported entries as thread tags The categories stored in the RSS feed are adopted as tags.
Close thread after creation The created threads are automatically closed and can therefore not contain any further posts.
Disable thread after creation The created threads are automatically deactivated and must first be approved manually by a moderator.