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WoltLab Suite is basically designed to be installed with different languages, so that it can be used for both German and English speaking communities. It is also possible to install several languages at the same time, so that users of different languages can access the website in their native language. The pages relevant for languages can be found in the admin panel under Customization → Languages.


Under Customization → Languages → Languages you will find a list of all installed languages. On this page you also have the possibility to deactivate existing languages, delete them or set one of the languages as default language. Under Import Language you can install new languages and via the Export Language icon in the language list you can also export installed languages.

Additional Languages

In our support forum you will find a list of other languages created by third parties.


Languages in WoltLab Suite consist of single phrases, which have a name and a content. For example the phrase named has the content Abbrechen in German and Cancel in English. Because only the name is used in the code, users who have selected German can be shown Abbrechen, and English speaking users can be shown Cancel.

Under Customization → Languages → Phrases you will find a list of all existing phrases in the installed languages. If you click on the name of a phrase, you also have the possibility to specify your own version, for example if you want to provide additional information specific to your website at a certain place in the user interface where this phrase is used.

Custom Phrase Value

Add Phrase#

If you add more code with additional information to existing Templates and if you have a multilingual website, the Add Phrase page allows you to create your own phrase so that the information is available in all installed languages.

The following input fields are available when creating a phrase:

Field Name Description
Language Category Mode Phrases are organized in categories, where the phrase identifiers start with the category identifier. If you select Determined Automatically Based on Identifier, the software will try to find the appropriate category itself, while with Manual Selection you can select the category yourself.
Language Category Category selection, if Manual Selection is selected at Language Category Mode.
Phrase Identifier Identifier of the phrases that can be used in templates.
Content Content of the phrase with which the identifier is replaced during output.


If several languages are installed, this initially only means that the user interface is available in the installed languages. If you would like to additionally achieve that, for example, threads in your forum are assigned to a specific language, you can select the option Enable multilingualism under Customization → Languages → Multilingualism. Then, on the same page, under Available Languages, you can select which of the installed languages your users can select when creating threads, for example.