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With the help of the LDAP integration you can couple the user authentication of WoltLab Suite with an existing directory service and thus ensure that users can log in to WoltLab Suite with their existing access data.

System Requirements#

The following requirements must be met to use the LDAP integration:

  • PHP extension ldap
  • LDAP-compatible directory service (for example Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP)
  • Plugin LDAP Authentication installed (paid plugin)

Configure LDAP#

After the LDAP Authentication plugin has been installed, all configuration settings for the LDAP integration can be found in the admin panel under Configuration → Options → User → LDAP Authentication.

The following configuration settings are available:

Setting Description
Enable automatic login Enables the so-called Single-Sign-On. Users are logged in when WoltLab Suite is started without the need to enter access data. Please note the special requirements for this function mentioned in the description of the settings.
Enable manual login Enables the manual login by entering login credentials.
Enable “Persistent Login” Enables the storage of login credentials in a cookie for a permanent login.
LDAP Server Enter the IP address or hostname of the LDAP server. LDAPS is supported by entering the prefix ldaps://.
LDAP Server Port Enter the port of the LDAP server.
LDAP Domain Enter the name of the domain.
LDAP Lookup Path Enter the search path for querying users in LDAP.
Multiple Servers/Domains Enter a list of multiple LDAP servers.
Custom Display Name Enable this option if the display name in WoltLab Suite should not correspond to the user name in LDAP.
LDAP Attribute for „Display Name“ Specify how the display name should be determined in LDAP.