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Menus contribute significantly to the structure of a website and enable users to quickly access related content or other areas of interest to the user. WoltLab Suite provides a powerful tool for creating and maintaining menus.

Default Menus#

The software provides a total of three default menus in the standard installation:

Name Description
Main Menu The main menu provides the primary navigation and is displayed by default in the header of each page.
Footer Menu The footer menu is a one-dimensional menu that is displayed in the footer of each page. It is best suited for links to less important pages. By default, the menu contains, for example, links to the privacy policy and the legal notice.
Footer Links The menu Footer Links is displayed in the footer area of each page like the footer menu and is suitable for displaying complex link structures with multiple levels.

Create Menus Items#

To create a new menu item, first select in the admin panel under Contents → CMS → Menus the menu in which you want to add a menu item. Then click on the button Menu Items and then on Add Menu Item.

The following input fields are available when creating a menu item:

Field Name Description
Parent Menu Item Optionally select a parent menu item.
Name Enter a name for the menu item.
Display Order Defines the order if more than one menu item is displayed at the desired position.
Disable menu item Temporarily deactivates the menu item.
Link Select whether the menu item should contain an internal or external link.
Seite For internal links: Select the page to be linked.
External URL For external links: Enter a URL to which you want to link.

Create Menus#

You can create a new menu by clicking the Add Menu button in the admin panel under Contents → CMS → Menus.

Menus use the boxes system in the background to display the menu, so the settings are essentially identical to those of the box system.