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Smilies are a graphic representation of certain facial expressions. They can be embedded in texts to reflect certain emotions or to clarify them.

Smilies can be sorted into categories, for example to group them thematically.

Manage Smilies#

The smiley management can be found in the admin panel under Customization → Smilies → Smilies. There you can manage the existing smilies and create your own smilies if required.

Create Smilies#

To create a smiley go to Customization → Smilies → Smilies in the admin panel and click on the button Add Smiley.

The following input fields are available when creating a smiley:

Field Name Description
Title Enter a title for the smiley.
Category Select a category for the smiley.
Primary Smiley Code Enter the smiley code for the smiley. A smiley code is a unique, text-based string of characters that is automatically replaced with the smiley graphic.
Alternative Smiley Codes Optionally enter more smiley codes for this smiley.
Display Order Set the position in the list of smileys.
Smiley File Upload the smiley graphic file from your computer or alternatively enter the path to the file if you have already uploaded it via FTP.
Smiley File (HD) Here you can optionally store an HD version of the smiley graphic.