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Templates are the basis for the presentation of your community and content, they provide the structure and can be visually adapted with styles. Depending on the individual design, it may be necessary to adapt the templates to your own ideas and requirements.

Template Groups#

The original templates cannot be edited because they are automatically overwritten during updates. To ensure that your changes remain valid even after updates, you can create individualized variants of individual templates.

Individual templates are grouped into so-called template groups. You can create your own template groups in the admin panel interface under Customization → Templates → Template Groups by clicking on the button Add Template Group. The name can be freely chosen by you and is only required for the assignment in the admin panel.

Create Template Group

Copy Original Templates#

Before you can start editing, you must create a copy of the template for your previously created template group. Use the filter option in the header of the template list under Customization → Templates → Templates to quickly find the desired template.

Copy Template

By clicking on the marked icon you will be redirected to a new form, from where you can select the template group in which the modified template should be stored. You can edit the copy of the template again at a later time, it does not have to be copied again.

Create Template

Before saving the template copy, please make sure that the correct template group is selected in the upper part of the form.

Activation of Modified Templates#

Individual variants of templates are not automatically activated, but must first be assigned to one or more styles before the changes take effect. This gives you the option of making individual and different changes per style.

Edit Style

When editing a style, you will find the selection option highlighted above at the end of the first tab, after submitting the form the changes become active.