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This article explains how to install WoltLab Suite on your own webspace/webserver.

Step 1: Download#

Download the complete package of your purchased product from the WoltLab customer area and unpack the zip archive to your hard disk. By unpacking you will get a directory named upload, which contains the files needed for the installation.

Step 2: Upload#

Connect to your server/webspace using your FTP program/WebFTP and upload all files from the directory upload to the directory where you want to install WoltLab Suite.

The credentials for your FTP can be found in the customer area of your webhoster. If you cannot find the data there, please contact the support of your webhoster!

Step 3: Installation#

To check if the server/webspace fulfills all requirements for the installation, next call the file test.php via your web browser. For example: (replace with your own domain name and add any previously created subdirectories).

If no problems were found when calling the test.php, you can start the installation process by clicking the Start Installation button.

Step 4: Default Language#

In the first step of the actual installation process you choose the main language for the installation. The selection determines the default language for the user interface. You can change this selection later at any time.

Step 5: System Test#

The installation wizard checks the webspace once again for system requirements. The installation can be continued with the button Next if all conditions are fulfilled.

Step 6: Directories#

Next you will be asked for the installation directory for the CMS and your chosen product (app). By default the main directory for the CMS is suggested in which the file install.php is located. All other apps will be installed in corresponding subdirectories (for the forum, for example, forum is suggested as a folder).

Step 7: Database#

In this step you will be asked for the access data for the MySQL database. You will usually find these in the customer area of your webhoster. If you cannot find them there, please contact the support of your webhoster.

The following data is required:

Field Description
Hostname Enter the host name of your database server. If the webserver and database server are on the same machine, this will be localhost or
Username Enter a MySQL username that has access to the database.
Password Enter the MySQL user's password.
Database Name Enter the database name. The database must already be existing.
Installation Number You can change the installation number if you want to run several WoltLab Suite installations in one database. If this is your first installation in this database, you should leave the value at 1.

Step 8: Administrator#

Next, you can create the administrator account, which you can use later to log in to the admin panel.

Step 9: Optional Pakages#

If the product you have chosen contains optional packages, the installation wizard will ask you if you want to install them directly with the app. The optional packages can also be added to a later installation if required.

Step 10: Admin Panel#

After the installation has been successfully completed, you can access the admin panel by clicking on the Next button. You will be automatically logged in with the previously created administrator account. If you want to log into the admin panel in the future, you can access the login screen at any time by appending /acp to the URL of your website.