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In order to monetize your website, WoltLab Suite supports the display of advertisements at different positions and allows you to control exactly to whom which advertisement is displayed.

Activate Ads#

The advertising functionality is deactivated by default. To enable it, go to Configuration → Options → Modules → Customization and select "Yes" at Ads.

Manage Ads#

The management of the ads can be found in the admin panel under Customization → Ads → Ads. There you can manage the existing entries and create new ads if required.

Create Ads#

To create an ad go to the admin panel on Customization → Ads → Ads and click on the button Add Ad.

The following input fields are available when creating an ad:

Field Name Description
Name The name of the ad is only displayed in the admin panel and helps you to distinguish the different ads.
Ads Here you can enter the HTML code of the ad. Depending on the position you can also use different variables to individualize the ad. For example, for all positions {$username} is replaced by the name of the current user.
Disable Ad If the ad is not yet to be used immediately after creation, it can first be created disabled.
Position There are fixed positions at which you can display advertisements, from which you can choose here.
Display Order If there are several ads in one position, you can use this function to define their order.*
Conditions For example, you can specify exactly at what times the ad should be displayed or what conditions users must meet to see the ad. Depending on the selected position, more possible conditions may be available. For example, for the position In the first post the relevant forums can be selected.

Ad rotation

* By default, the option Enable ad rotation under Configuration → Opions → General → Page is enabled, which ensures that if several ads are displayed at the same position, a random display of the ads available at that position is shown on each call.


Make sure that no so-called adblocker is activated in your browser if you want to check the created ads. Adblockers block the display of ads and must therefore be switched off for testing the ads.