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Thread Forms#

Every now and then it is necessary to request further information from the thread creator in addition to the normal input fields such as the title or message, and to display this information clearly in the thread. The thread forms are perfectly suited for this.

Manage Thread Forms#

The management of the thread forms can be found in the admin panel under Apps → Forums → Thread Forms. There you can manage the existing thread forms and create new thread forms if required.

Create Thread Forms#

To create a thread form go to Apps → Forums → Thread Forms in the admin panel and click on the button Add Thread Form.

The following input fields are available when creating a thread form:

Field Name Description
Title Enter names for the thread form.
Forums Select the forums where the thread form should be active. You can only select forums in which no thread form is active yet.

With the button Add Option you can add new input fields to the form.

The following input fields are available when creating an option in the thread form:

Field Name Description
Name Enter a name for the option.
Description Enter a description for the option.
Display Order Sets the order if your form has multiple options. The option with the lowest value is displayed first.
Option Type Specify the option type for the field. For example, text creates an input field for single-line text.
Default Value Optionally, enter a value that will be the default when filling in the form for the first time.
Options This field is only visible if the option is of the field type Checkboxes, Multi-Select, Radio-Buttons or Select. Specify the possible selection options Selection options are separated by a line break.
Regular Expression Optionally specify a regular expression to validate the field.
This is a required field Check this box if the field may not be empty and must be filled in by the user.

Fill Out the Thread Form#

When a new thread is created and a thread form is active in the selected forum, the form is displayed above the message entry field. In threads the input is automatically listed above the message.

To change the input for a thread, the first post must be edited. Below the input field for the message there is a tab with the name of the thread form which again lists all inputs and where the inputs can be changed.

Moved Threads#

The form is automatically hidden if the thread is moved in an area with another or no thread form.

Deleted Thread Form Options#

If options are deleted in the admin panel, the entries for this field are also no longer visible in the threads.