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With the help of the page management you can change existing pages and create your own new pages.

Create Pages#

You can create a new page by clicking on the button Add Page in the admin panel under Content → CMS → Pages. You will first be asked what type of page you want and whether the page should be multilingual.

The page type Text allows you to quickly and easily insert the content of the page using the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Alternatively, you can use the page types HTML or Template to use HTML code or template scripting code to format the content.

Edit Pages#

To edit an existing page, go to the admin panel content → CMS → pages and click on the respective page.

Alternatively, when you call up the pages in the frontend, you will find a button Edit Page on each page, which takes you directly to the editing of the respective page.

Configure Landing Page#

To make a page the landing page, the desired page must be edited and the checkbox Landing page must be set.

In addition, a separate landing page can be defined for each app. You can configure the landing pages in the admin panel under Configuration → Packages → Manage Apps.

Example: Page with Text Content (Monolingual)#

  1. In the admin panel under Content → CMS → Pages click on the button Add Page.

  2. Select the page type Text and click Next.

  3. Fill out the input fields in the General Information tab as follows:

    Name: Specify a name for the page.

    Parent Page: Optionally select a parent page.

    Custom URL: Specify a URL for the page.

    (leave the other input fields unchanged)

  4. In the Contents tab, specify a title and the text content for the page to be used to display the page.

  5. In the Boxes tab, optionally specify which boxes should be displayed on the page.

  6. In the Restricted Access tab, specify which users have access to the page. By default, all users have access to the page.

  7. Save the page with a click on Submit.